We have a story


We got formed in the year 2017 after we realised while renovating our home that even though there are plenty of automation solutions out there in the Indian market, the products are simply exported from companies outside India and hence they are very expensive.

This inspired 3 youngsters of my family to build a startup which focused on designing and developing solutions that were explicitly ‘MADE IN INDIA’ and could positively answer the question – “Is there low cost automation available in India, for the common man?”

Our main motive is to improve the living standards of millions of Indians by providing them with simple, low cost solutions that make their lives simpler!


“We envision to create and provide world class automation solutions that are indigenously made in India, are low cost, easily accessible to all and that modernise a common man’s routine.”


At Futuriztic, we build the technology to control other technologies by providing IoT and automation based solutions. Our solutions are for individual homes, buildings and industries that allow people to control and schedule their requirements, right from their smartphones through our beautiful mobile application.

All our solutions are built to perfection to make user experience not only functional, but also enjoyable.

With just a single touch – MONITOR, CONTROL & MANAGE EVERYTHING!


  • Keep innovating – “Innovation is the only way to win”
  • Care about our Customers – “One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $ 10,000 worth of advertising”
  • Make Futuriztic a happy workplace – “Happiness at work inspires productivity”
  • Make a great product – “Life is about making an impact, the income will follow”
  • Be cheerful – “You can’t have a good day with a bad attitude and you can’t have a bad day with a good attitude”

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